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Monorail Flow Through Washer

If your facility already utilizes an overhead monorail system, Viking offers inline wash systems designed to integrate into your existing material handling systems. Monorail parts washers can accommodate a wide range of part shapes and sizes and is especially suited for medium to large items. These high production washers are available in single or multi-stage configurations.
• Flexibility to perform many different cleaning applications
• Automatic fl oat/fill reservoir level control
• 7-day timer for heating system standard
• Automatic steam exhaust blower
• Equipped with neoprene curtains that seal the chamber
• Insulated cabinets for energy efficient and quiet operation

• Steam exhaust blower
• Belt skimmer
• Canister filter
• Rinse cabinet
• Powered blow-off
• Stainless steel cabinets, pumps, manifolds and nozzles

Industries Served: Automotive, Pipe/Oil Field, Stamping, Powder Coat, Structural Steel, Ag/Weldments , Military, Mass Transit, General Manufacturing