PB 10 & 20

The PB Series Aqueous Parts Blaster provides quick, versatile cleaning for a wide variety of part shapes and sizes. This machine provides 600 PSI of heated cleaning solution to strip away grease and grime without the need for dangerous solvents in a completely enclosed system. The PB 10 & 20 offer all of the power of a glass bead system without the dust and part damage associated with a traditional blast cabinet. Two nozzles are built into the spray gun, allowing the operator to toggle betwe
• 7-day timer for energy efficiency
• Micronic filtered cleaning solution
• Dual pattern fan or pencil spray gun
• Thermostatically controlled electric heater
• Oil skimming system

• Air blow-off gun
• Air operated detailing brush
• Air knife to keep window clean
• Turntable assembly
• Caster package for moving around shop

Industries Served: Automotive, Military, Mass Transit , General Manufacturing