Pipe Blasters

For cylinders, pipe or rod, Viking skew roll technology puts high production at your fingertips for a wide range of applications. The skew roll conveyor system handles the pipe or rod rotating it through the blast chamber on precision cast chrome “V” groove rollers for 360-degree cleaning of the external diameter.
• The SR Series of cylinder, pipe, and rod blaster systems clean a wide variety of materials from fractional diameter to pipes or cylinders up to 30 inches in diameter, depending on model.
• Utilizes the PowerMax direct drive blast wheels in various configurations depending on work.
• Variable speed conveyors allows for slow to fast processing speeds suitable for your specific application
• The abrasive conveyance system and airwash separation systems recycles abrasive to an overhead hopper for a continuous supply of clean abrasive
• The skew roller conveyor system handles the pipe
or rod through the blast chamber.
• Cleans to a SSPC-6 surface finish on a continuous flow basis.
• Vestibules and seal systems have been specially designed to reduce carry out and abrasive loss
• Rugged and durable construction, with 1/2” thick cast chrome/moly lining protects the blast cabinet from wear.

Industries Served: Welding Gas, Pipe/Oil Field, Military, General Manufacturing