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Roller Table Plate and Structural Blasters

If your company has been searching for a cost effective method for cleaning a wide variety of materials form plate steel to structural I-beams, Viking’s roller table airless blast systems are for you!

• Removes rust and scale from exterior surfaces of plate, flats, and structural members prior to fabrication
• Dual direction, powered roller table conveyor system
• The variable feet rate is adjustable to provide for different surface finishes ranging from a SSPC-7 brush off finish to a completely white metal finish of SSPC-5
• Pre-run and fully tested prior to shipping.
• 2 abrasive isolation vestibules buffer the workplace from errant abrasive
• Air wash separator has a lip type, hinged and counter weighted spreader to ensure even
distribution of the abrasive across the air stream. Separator vent has a slide gate to control static pressure within the separator plus a contaminant refuse trap
• High velocity blast wheels capable of throwing abrasive at speeds of 300 feet per second
• Blast cabinet is wear lined with manganese and replaceable 1/2” thick cast chrome blast pads for durability and low maintenance

Roller Table Conveyor System Features:
• Variable travel speeds ranging from approximately 2 to 20 feet per minute
• Surface work area ranging from 48” to 102”
• Carrying capability of 600 lbs per linear foot

Other sizes and capacities available upon request

Industries Served: Structural Steel, Ag/Weldments , Military, General Manufacturing